Buddha3bodhi Tibetan Thangka Buddha Amulet Talisman Pendant Necklace (35mm*45mm)


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God of Wealth
God of Wealth/pattern 3
God of Wealth/Style 2
White God of Wealth
Black Jambhala/style 4
Black jambhala
Black Jambhala/Model 2
Green God of Wealth
Red figure of the god of fortune
Five gods of wealth
God of treasure/Model 2
God of treasure
Zachilam/Style 2
Zachilam/style 5
Zachilam/pattern 3
Zachilam/style 4
Previous Life/Style 4
Previous life/Model 2
Past Life/female God of Wealth
Previous Life/Style 6
Previous Life/Style 5
Six-arm Mahākāla
Six-arm Mahākāla/Model 2
Mahākāla/pattern 3
Mahākāla/Model 2
Green tara
Green Tara/Model 2
Green Tara/pattern 3
White Mother
Bhaisajyaguru/Model 2
Four-wall Guanyin zodiac rat
Four-wall Guanyin/Model 2 zodiac rat
Void Tibetan bodhisattva Chinese zodiac cow Tiger
Manshu Bodhisattva/Model 2 Chinese zodiac sign of rabbit
Manjusri Bodhisattva Chinese zodiac sign of rabbit
Manshu Bodhisattva/pattern 3 Chinese zodiac sign of rabbit
Puxian Bodhisattva zodiac Dragon Snake
Mahasthamaprapta/Model 2 Chinese zodiac horse
Mahasthamaprapta Chinese zodiac horse
Vairocana/Model 2 Chinese zodiac sign of Sheep Monkey
Acalanatha Chinese zodiac of Rooster
Acalanatha/pattern 3 Chinese zodiac of Rooster
Ami TF/Model 2 zodiac pig dog
Dizang Bodhisattva
Padma sambhava
Longevity Buddha
Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin/Model 2
Dragon fifth Master
Vajra hammer/Type 2
Palden lhamo
Fox Fairy
Yamantaka/Model 2
Sakyamuni Buddha

Our handmade thangka painting Now on smallest size also known as Gau / Ghau Thangka. These small Ghau thangka painting on a locket or amulets can easily be worn as jewellery. Choose your favourite Mandala, Buddha and Boddhisattva deities and wear it for protection or spiritual purpose.

The thangka painting is painted on cotton canvas using natural stone colours, gold and natural minerals. All these small Thangka paintings are painted by the Nepalese artist with lot of detail work.

You can also purchase these beautiful small painting by itself or you can choose to purchase including the handmade amulet or locket. These are metal crafted handmade lockets. These Gau amulet can be made by using different metals - silver, brass , bronze, copper, steel. This Gau Box protects the thangka from turning up, getting affected by moisture, scratch and damages.
Prodcut Details
* Painting Size: (3.5x4.5) cm
* Ghau / Amulet Size : (4x5) cm
* Hand Carved Ghau or Locket
* Materials: Semi-Precious Natural Minerals, Pure Gold
* Painted on: Cotton Canvas
* Origination: Nepal