Tibetan Black and White Dzi Beads Bracelet with Natural Red Agate Round Beads


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Explore the mystical allure of Tibetan Dzi beads with our Tibetan Black and White Dzi Beads Bracelet adorned with Natural Red Agate Round Beads. This bracelet combines the ancient symbolism of Dzi beads with the grounding properties of natural red agate, creating a harmonious blend of protection and vitality.

Product Description:

Material: Tibetan Black and White Dzi Beads, Natural Red Agate Round Beads
Design: Bracelet with alternating Dzi beads and red agate round beads
Note: Due to the natural variation in stones and the handmade nature of Dzi beads, each bracelet is unique and may vary slightly in pattern and size.

About Tibetan Dzi Beads:

Tibetan Dzi beads hold deep spiritual significance in Tibetan culture, revered for their protective and healing properties. Each bead is intricately designed with unique patterns that are believed to symbolize various aspects of spiritual enlightenment and well-being.

About Natural Red Agate:

Natural red agate is known for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It enhances vitality, stamina, and a sense of security. Red agate is also associated with strength, courage, and protection from negative energies.

Benefits and Symbolism:

  1. Protection: Tibetan Dzi beads offer spiritual protection, shielding the wearer from negative energies and promoting a sense of security.

  2. Grounding: Red agate grounds spiritual energies into the physical realm, providing stability and enhancing inner strength.

  3. Vitality and Stamina: It enhances vitality, stamina, and endurance, supporting physical health and well-being.

  4. Harmony and Balance: Dzi beads and red agate together promote harmony and balance, both internally and in relationships.

  5. Spiritual Growth: Dzi beads aid in spiritual growth and meditation practices, facilitating deeper insights and spiritual connection.

  6. Courage and Confidence: Red agate instills courage and confidence, helping the wearer to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.