Buddha3bodhi Star and Moon Bodhi Bracelet Meditation Beads Bracelet


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star moon

About this item

  • The string of star moon bodhi beads exudes a deep tranquility in the emerald green color scheme, and each bead seems to reflect the vastness of the universe, emitting a mysterious beauty.
  • Star and Moon Bodhi is one of the three great Bodhi in the world, deeply loved by cultural and toy enthusiasts in Eastern countries. In a busy life, playing games can bring you stress relief.
  • The pure natural tree species bracelet will accompany you while its color and luster will gradually change, eventually becoming a dazzling effect like a gemstone.
  • This DIY bracelet can be paired according to your preferences. If other gemstones are paired with this bracelet, it will have unexpected effects.
  • It should be noted that due to being a natural tree species, the size and color of each rope may vary slightly, which is normal. In addition, each rope is handmade, and any differences are considered normal. Finally, remember to use clean hands to play with it, so that the effect after changing color will be better!