Buddha3bodhi Lovely Charcoal Burned Cat's Paw Bodhi Bracelet


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Our lovely charcoal cat claw bodhi bracelet is made of exquisite bodhi beads, each bead has a unique charcoal finish, and the pattern is a cat's paw, symbolizing cuteness and warmth. It is very suitable for giving to the important girl around you.

Product Description:

Material: Charcoal Burned Cat's Paw Bodhi Beads

Size: 14mm

Design: Cute and stylish bracelet perfect for everyday wear

Features: Each bead has a unique design, showcasing the natural beauty of the Bodhi seed.

Benefits and Features:

Spiritual Connection: The Cat's Paw Bodhi beads enhance your spiritual connection, promoting mindfulness and inner peace.

Unique Design: Each bead's distinct charcoal burn finish adds a stylish touch.

Positive Energy: The bracelet radiates positive energy, fostering optimism and emotional well-being.

Playfulness: The playful design encourages a lighthearted approach to life and spirituality.

Fidgeting Properties: This is a bracelet that not only suits our style but also provides a source of comfort and relaxation through its fidgeting properties.