1. Who are we?

Buddha3bodhi is , a leading Authentic Tibetan and Nepali art and crafts Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier. For more info please visit our about us page here.

2. How do you ship your products? Are they expedited shipping?

Our packages are shipped by expedited shipping methods. We use couriers like DHL, Fedex etc. to ship your products to your doorsteps. These are all quick and safe deliveries. Check our shipping policy for more details.

3. Do you ship worldwide? How long does it take the package to reach to my address?

Yes we ship Worldwide. Typically, It takes about 3-6 days to reach to the customers address worldwide.

4. How are the thangka paintings packed?

The thangka painting are packed as a scroll with very safe and secure packaging.

5. Do you take customized orders?

Yes, we do. Provide us with your detailed requirements. And we will communicate and discuss on your specimens thoroughly. You can customize and personalize products to your heart's content. Once you are satisfied with your request we go ahead to complete your customized order.

6. Are your products all authentic and handmade?

All of our products are 100% authentic and handmade. Taking from Buddha statues, Thangka Paintings, Tibetan Jewelry to Meditation gifts, they are all authentic handicrafts made by professional Artisans in Nepal.

7. Is your product ethically sourced? Where are they made?

Our mission is to support Tibetan, Newari and Nepalese artisans and continue to find a market for their handcrafted goods. At Buddha3bodhi, we believe in the transformative power of benevolence. Hence, we have committed 20% of our sales revenue to support a local temple, providing offerings for daily rituals. The resident monks will chant prayers and bestow blessings on behalf of our customers. As a token of our gratitude, a protective amulet is presented to ensure your well-being and safety.

8. Can my statue or other products be consecrated or blessed by a local monk?

Yes, absolutely. They provide service to bless your thangka or any other items and consecrate them with relevant mantras. However, they do this for a small fee of $40. Consider this as a donation to the Monastery.