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When you feel like you lack abundance, it could be a problem in the energies around you.

In feng shui, the world is composed of the Universal Life Force called chi. This chi is said to impact our experiences in life, including how we create wealth.

If you want to attract more wealth, you need to attract the right energy with the right tools. This Pixiu bracelet is made for that purpose.

The “Tibetan Bracelet Buddha Bracelet Color-Changing Pixiu Obsidian Wealth Bracelet” is a feng shui charm used to invite the energy of money into your life. Composed of various auspicious symbols, this bracelet aligns your intentions of wealth with the world’s vibrations!

Wealth Bracelet Features

  • Pixiu wealth symbol. Attract prosperous energy according to feng shui!
  • Color-changing amulet. Looks different depending on the temperature!
  • Black obsidian beads. Said to contain protective vibrations!
  • Mani mantra engravings. Believed to enhance good luck!

The Meaning Behind the Pixiu Symbol

In Chinese tradition, Pixiu is considered a symbol of wealth.

According to the stories, this creature can eat gold, silver, and other precious materials you can find on earth. It traps these treasures in its belly forever.

Because of this, carrying a Pixiu symbol is believed to attract and preserve riches. That is why it has become a favorite charm among business people, gamblers, and investors all over the world.

The Pixiu in this bracelet is color-changing. This means the amulet will look different each time the temperature drops or rises. Every time the color changes, it gives your bracelet a different look!

Supported by Black Obsidian & The Mani Mantra

The beads in this bracelet are made of genuine obsidian stones.

In the crystal world, obsidian is famed for its protective quality of energy. It is said to repel bad luck and misfortune when you wear it.

Engraved on the beads is the Mani mantra. In Buddhist traditions, this mantra is a sacred text believed to attract good luck, happiness, good fortune, and protection when chanted.

Color-Changing Pixiu Bracelet for You

If you want to attract the right energy to enhance your wealth and luck. Get this color-changing Pixiu bracelet now!

Aligning your intentions: Use wealth-enhancing affirmations such as “I deserve to attract more wealth” to align with the bracelet’s energy.

Pixiu Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Wealth Bracelet
  • Material: Obsidian Stone, Metal
  • Metal Type: Color-changing
  • Amulet: Pixiu/Piyao
  • Engravings: Mani Mantra
  • Bead Size: 0.47” (12mm)
  • Length: Adjustable
  • Gender: Unisex
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