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The Buddha3bodhi Tibetan Meditation Bowl is a beautiful handcrafted singing bowl made from high-quality brass with intricate etched designs. It perfects for healing and mindfulness practices. This singing bowl produces a deep, resonant sound that enhances meditation and relaxation.

Product Description:

VERSATILE USES: The sound of the singing bowls has calming effects and provides one with clarity and peace of mind. It also aids in logical thinking and can be used for meditation, yoga, and reiki sessions. This Tibetan bowl sets healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and many other diseases.

PROUDLY MADE IN Tibet: Each sound bowl is carefully examined and checked. Made by Tibetan craftsmen specializing in Meditation Singing Yoga Bowls and the Bowl made from Seven Auspicious Metals.

RELAXING AND DEEP SOUNDS: Meditation bowl helps you to heal, defeat disease, lower pain levels while releasing positive energy. Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls. You can easily play peaceful and mesmerizing tones on this unique Tibetan singing bowl to create a type of energy medicine that reduces stress and promotes spiritual, mental, and physical healing.

IDEAL SIZE TO BRING ANYWHERE: This singing bowls meditation set is compact and can easily travel with you everywhere. Bring to yoga classes, the office, or retreats. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet sings with pure, layered tones.

singing bowls


singing bowl
singing bowl


1,Brings to you handcrafted exclusive treasures.

2,Ancient sound-healing methods bring positive resonance for our tired body, relieve stress,Get rid of anxiety,revitalize the body, and elevate the spirit.

3,Most of our artisans and craftsmen are from remote parts of Nepal,WE hope to help them improve their living standard by their masterpiece--singing bowls.

4,Find a simple and powerful mindfulness entrance to promote our spiritual development.

  • 1. Meditation
  • 2. Yoga
  • 3. Release anxiety
  • 4. Deep relaxation
  • 5. Self regulation




When you realize that each of our bowls is handmade,

You will find that it is a unique artwork.

Thousands of beats, perfect sound.

Beautify life, purify the soul.



singing bowls yaga
singing bowls yaga


tibet singing bowls set
tibet singing bowls set


singing bowls
singing bowls


The vibration stimulated the body to recreate its own harmonic frequency help produce the alpha waves (It only present in the brain in deep relaxation). To clean the atmosphere around as of negative energy and emotional blockages.


Sound waves produced a good psychological environment for meditation,causing the molecular resonance in the body to form a vibrating massage and therapeutic effect.


Through thousands of years Verified Mindfulness ceremony and Mindfulness magnetic field Caused by percussion,open your life to the next step in your awakening and to restore back to harmony some portion of the body that is vibrating “out of tune.”

How to Use Singing Bowl For Meditation

Section 1: Understanding the Singing Bowl

Explore the origins and history of the singing bowl, tracing its roots back to ancient Tibetan and Himalayan cultures.
Learn about the materials and craftsmanship involved in creating our high-quality singing bowls, ensuring durability and superior sound quality.
Discover the unique resonance and vibrations produced by the singing bowl, which are believed to promote healing and balance within the body and mind.

Section 2: Preparing for Meditation

Set the stage for your meditation practice by creating a calm and peaceful environment free from distractions.
Find a comfortable seated position and take a few deep breaths to center yourself and cultivate mindfulness.
Hold the singing bowl firmly in one hand and the accompanying striker in the other, preparing to initiate the meditative experience.

Section 3: Using the Singing Bowl

Gently strike the singing bowl with the striker, producing a clear and resonant tone that reverberates throughout the space.
Allow the sound of the singing bowl to guide you into a state of deep relaxation and concentration, focusing your attention on the present moment.
Alternatively, you can create soothing sounds by running the striker along the rim of the bowl, producing a continuous, harmonic vibration that promotes inner peace and tranquility.

Section 4: Deepening Your Practice

Experiment with different techniques and variations of using the singing bowl, such as incorporating chanting or visualization exercises into your meditation practice.
Explore the therapeutic benefits of sound healing, harnessing the power of the singing bowl to release tension, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.
Cultivate a regular meditation routine that incorporates the singing bowl as a central element, allowing its soothing melodies to become an integral part of your spiritual journey.


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