Buddha3bodhi Traditional 108 Mala Beads- Natural Bodhi Root


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108 Mala Beads
54 Mala Beads

Called Bodhi Root, these beads are made from the nut of the Buri palm tree.  The natural form of the nut looks like a little brown watermelon and is white inside. This mala comes in two types: 108  beads and 54 beads.  Although Malas always have 108 Beads there are also variations of malas like pocket malas or mala bracelets and they may have 27 beads or 54 beads, or any multiple of 9, as 9 is a sacred number in Yoga.

· Type: 108 Mala Beads
· Material: Bodhi Root 
· Thread: Rope
· Size Beads: 13mm
· Process: Handmade (Up to three days)
· Package: Eco envelop

As you can see, the beads are from original natural Bodhi root seeds. 

The inside of the beads themselves indicates whether the beads are from the original seed or not

This is how the beads look after the gloss varnishing process

Beeswax beads on the counter