How do I place an order?

In order to help you, we have prepared a short step-by-step guide below:

  • Select the product you wish to buy.
  • Choose the right color/variant/size/quantity you would like. For bracelets and necklaces please read the product description for the length of the item. When you are ready, click "Add to cart" or "Buy it Now".
  • If you have a "Discount code", you can apply it on the checkout page.
  • Confirm all your details and shipping method is correct. When you are ready, click "Continue to payment".         
  •  Finally, enter your payment details. When you are ready, click 'Pay Now.
  • Waiting for shipment. :) As soon as your order is processed and shipped, we will send you your order and shipping confirmation email.


Enjoy the rest of your day!

If you need any help please go to our contact us page so we can assist you here.