The incense burner is a necessity for meditation and spiritual practice.Among various styles of incense burner,the meticulously designed lotus incense holder is widely used.Today we will explore this kind of incense burner together.

Explore Lotus Incense Burner

Why Choose Lotus?

The creative idea of using lotus as the incense burner’s shape is derived from Buddhism.In the context of Buddhism, the lotus is not merely a beautiful plant blooming in summer. Still,it correlates with Buddhism as it is a particular symbol for interpreting the teachings of Buddha, namely  holiness, purity, spiritual awakening and transcendence.Thus,lotus incense burners have become a trendy style and we can often see this kind of incense burner in the marketplace.

Why Choose Lotus?

The Power of Lotus Incense Burner

Incense holders are not merely functional items. Like other incense burners,lotus incense burners are equipped with many properties for meditation practitioners. It is a powerful tool for those people who want to go for meditation,achieve spiritual growth,and find a serene environment to relax themselves. Its symbolic meaning, altogether with the ability to calm people’s mind and spirit, makes it an indispensable part of any spiritual practice. Incorporating a lotus incense burner into your daily life absolutely enables you to harness its power to purify your space, enhance mindfulness.And most importantly, it can connect with your inner self. So we have enough reasons to believe that what you can get from lotus incense burner is greatly beyond what you need. Just let it guide you on your journey to spiritual awakening.

The Power of Lotus Incense Burner


How to Use Lotus Incense Burner?

On an irritating afternoon,free to lit a lotus incense burner and enjoy the aromatic experience and tranquility it brings you.Here are four steps to use lotus incense burner,learn to do it and then you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere it brings.

  1. Prepare a space suitable for lighting incense to go for meditation.Generally speaking,lighting incense requires a space with good condition of ventilation.
  2. Pick out your incense,light the tip of it and blow out the flame. Before setting up the lotus incense burner,selecting a kind of incense you often use or you like best,then you will enjoy the experience.
  3. Set up the lotus incense burner.Typical lotus incense burners  (glazed incense burner or clay incense burner)have a central holder for sticks and many petal-shaped holders for cones.

For incense sticks: Insert the incense stick into the central holder of the lotus incense burner. Make sure it can stand steadily.

For incense cones: Put the incense cone in the center of the burner or on one of the petal-shaped holders, ensuring it is fully burning.

4.You can indulge in the dense scent and begin your meditation and relaxation routines.

How to Use Lotus Incense Burner?


A serene space,a lotus incense burner with wisps of white smoke and a reverent practitioner composes a world of eternity. We hope everyone can experience the beauty of meditation and other spiritual practices, and that they can find a country for their souls to rest amid the bustling world.


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